Paws at Home Pet Care Co. - There's no place like home
Why in home pet care?
because there's no place like home
Many pets really enjoy a trip to the kennel or grandmas- or a visit from neighbors while mom and dad are away. Some pets do not - they may become stressed, destructive, hyper or withdrawn. 
Many pet owners would prefer to leave their four-legged family members at home - in their own trusted, safe, environment while they are away.  
In-home pet care is a great solution and benefits you and your pet!  Whether you're going on vacation or just need someone to check on your pet while you're at work, we can help. Our nannies (aka pet sitters) can make visits during the day to walk, water and love your pet while you are at work or out of town for the day. We can also spend the evening or the full night in your home with your pet!
We love puppies! And we believe that proper socialization and consistent positive reinforcement at an early age is the key to a well behaved, happy adult dog. We would love to help by offering midday potty breaks, walks, and basic manners practice. If you have evening plans following a long day of work, give us a call to visit your puppy or adult dog and avoid the guilt of him/her having to spend too many hours crated at home. 
We know that we enjoy our vacation time so much more when we are confident that our pets are safe and happy. We are pleased to be able to offer you that same peace of mind. Please visit the About Us section and view services and pricing. Please don't hesitate to contact us with further questions!
Paws at Home Pet Care Co. is bonded and insured.
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